About Me

Hi! I’m Mark Wilkinson

A London based DJ, Record Producer, Remixer, Promoter & Record label owner, as a DJ I’ve travelled to 65 countries around the world.

I’m now a multiple business owner, coach and soon to be published author. Of course, I still work in music because I simply love it. I’ve loved music since the first time I heard the Beatles when I was 6.

Where it all began

Once upon a time, music was my life and my full time occupation, I travelled the world playing to sell out crowds and had the time of my life. There’ll be more details in the book.

Unfortunately one day I physically collapsed.

When I was 33 my leg gave way and I couldn’t get up off the floor. This was the start of a hellish experience, my body froze up over the next 18 months and in the end I couldn’t walk. I was in constant agony and lived on painkillers, I got really depressed and, on occasion, I seriously thought about ending it all.

How I ‘remixed’ my life

Then one day on a detox in Scotland, a couple who had some knowledge of personal development gave me a video of ‘The Secret’. In there Bob Proctor said about a dis-ease being 2 words. This was brand new information to me and it completely opened my mind.

I began to study personal development and eventually I got myself fit and well again completing 4 full marathons (3 London and 1 Berlin) and various half marathons. I also detoxified my life in all areas conquering an addictive personality and various toxic habits including alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar, meat, toxic relationships and anything else that was destroying me.

I am now studying a Masters and plan to study a PhD and in more recent times I have risen to very Senior positions in the corporate world, at the same time I’ve had to work through more health challenges. I have had to go back to conventional medicine for some assistance as re-occurring knee problems have required medication and operations. The journey continues though and I am now working with multiple clients in order to coach them through similar challenges.

Life Remixed – The Book

The full story of my personal development journey is currently taking shape in my book. Plans for the general release are January 2021.

Want to receive a copy before the general release?

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