Life Remixed

Life Remixed – ‘From Inner Turmoil to Inner Peace’

What is the purpose of the book?

The purpose of the book is to help others not make the same mistakes that I made.

From having to battle with an addictive personality for years on end, having a non-stop rollercoaster of a journey, living life to excess through highs, lows, burning out, and then trying the same thing again and again.

The definition of madness is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

Who is the book aimed at?

The book is aimed at everyone!

If you’re looking to overcome addiction this book can help you. If you’re looking for a new challenge then this book can help you. If you’re not satisfied with life and want to develop, this book can help you.


1 – Another one bites the dust – Queen
2 – Good times – Chic
3 – Lost in Music – Sister Sledge
4 – Got to give it up – Marvin Gaye
5 – I Want to Thank You – Alicia Myers
6 – You gotta be – Desiree
7 – Sense of Purpose – Third World
8 – New kind of medicine – Ultra Nate
9 – For the love of money – The O’Jays
10 – Faith – George Michael
11 – Happy – Pharrell Williams
12. Testify – Urban Blues Project
13 – Now that we found love – Third World
14 – Celebration – Kool and the Gang

Expected delivery date: January 2021


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