Hi, I’m Mark Wilkinson.

I’m a London based DJ, Record Producer, Remixer, Promoter & Record label owner.

As a DJ I’ve travelled to 65 countries around the world and achieved much, much more.

This is my Story!

From Inner Turmoil...

International DJ

I've travelled to over 65 countries sharing my passion for music.

Record Producer

Enjoying success with my own label and a Top 10 hit.


Only to be knocked down with an incurable disease.


Losing everything along the way whilst trying to keep it all together.

To Inner Peace...


Eventually I left the UK for the sanctuary of Thailand and Ibiza.

Self Development

Turning everything around on this amazing journey of self-discovery.


I've since run marathons & now own several thriving businesses.

Now I want to share my story with people, how I
turned my life around and how they can too.


Coming soon, target date January 2021.

Expect an evening with Mark in a cool London venue to launch the book and programs plus a DJ tour to get things moving.


Someone once said to me “Everything you want is just the other side of your greatest fear”. Mine was public speaking so in recent times I have worked on my skills and am now a confident speaker.

Contact me in order to book a talk, to help beat addictions and improve all areas of your life.

Blogs & Videos

I’ll be sharing the best information, what I did and how it helped me to go from being unable to walk to running marathons, and from bankruptcy to financial success!


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